Kitchen and bathroom designs can help you turn these areas into wonderful spaces in your home. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home because a lot of time is spent in it. The bathroom is also another important space at home. It should thus be designed to meet your style preferences and turn it into a space that you enjoy spending time in. At Capital Home Show, you can get great ideas of how to remodel or create a new modern kitchen and bathroom. Below are some of the trending kitchen and bathroom ideas to try this year and turn your home into an amazing paradise of comfort and elegance.

Quartz countertops

countertopsA lot of people have recently been changing their countertops from laminate to quartz. Countertops are central to the design style of the kitchen because they occupy large spaces and, therefore, attract a lot of attention. The development of composite surfaces has made it possible to use natural stone for surfaces in both kitchen and bathroom designs. The use of quartz countertops reflects the contemporary design style which tends to focus on elegant and luxurious designs. Quartz helps to create a sense of elegance and luxury in the spaces where it has been used.

Plain and simple looks

In keeping up with the contemporary design styles, plain and simple looks have dominated kitchen and bathroom designs. The look is kept sleek by using quartz panels on kitchen and bathroom walls. Extra large tiles can also be used on surfaces to keep the overall design plain and simple. Neutral colors further complement the plain and simple look. The use of neutral colors in bathroom and kitchen design helps to keep these spaces elegant and luxurious.

Handleless units

The overall linear design style is becoming very popular in bathroom and kitchen designs. Handleless and plain doors help to bring out a simple yet modern design in the bathroom and kitchen.


bathroom lightsLighting is a fundamental part of interior design. Vanity lighting in the bathroom helps to compliment the overall design style by illuminating spaces in a way that makes them appear elegant and luxurious. Homeowners are employing creative lighting fixtures and techniques to achieve this objective. Strategic lighting in the kitchen is also used to create a sense of luxury and elegance in the room. Some of the lighting styles that are trending today include chandeliers, light bars, and wall sconces.


Many homeowners have decided to go high-tech with their interior design styles. The incorporation of technology in interior design reflects the contemporary world in which technology plays a crucial role in human lives. High-tech kitchens feature contemporary furnishings as well as smart home automation techniques. Music installations in the kitchen and bathroom have also become a mainstay in the current kitchen and bathroom designs. Access lighting and recessed smart lighting are also used to create the ideal personalized space and ambiance.

These are some of the popular kitchen and bathroom design ideas to try this year. They can help you to design your bathroom and kitchen in a way that matches your tastes and preferences. These popular trends are expected to continue defining interior design in the foreseeable future.